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You have seen an English bulldog - and have for ever given it the heart... Behind unapproachable appearance of this brave, resolute dog - the reliable, kind, clever friend improbably betrayed and loving. Its thin sense of humour and ingenuity are capable to kindle the most stale heart. Do not trust those who says, that a bulldog - the slowcoach. She is easily trained dog whom all seizes hurriedly. All depends on the owner.

At our place always there were dogs of different breeds. During any moment we thought, that we know about dogs almost all. But, having got a bulldog, it was necessary to all to "study" anew. A bulldog - breed especial, and not only because of the appearance. In it you will not meet the slavish humility inherent in separate dogs. Near to you there will be the devoted, fair friend allocated with congenital nobleness and feeling of advantage. Resolute, brave, true....

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